A Samurai who decided to earn a little extra money
An exciting 3d game in the style of Play to Earn
Immerse yourself in the world of Eternal where you have to survive fighting monsters
Go through daily Tasks, kill everyone on your path and you will get your Reward
Kill To Earn

Eternal 3D Game

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How To Play
The gameplay revolves around a Killer Samurai who needs to clear the world of an impending threat
Your Samurai awakens in one of the worlds at the well of rebirth, which will be located in the center of the map,
the whole world will be filled with monsters that you will have to fight to get a reward in the form of tokens.
Worlds of Eternal 3d
There will be monsters in each of the worlds,
the number of rewards for killing a monster will depend on the level of this monster.
Level 1
Level 2
Level 3
Attack 5
Attack speed 2
Health 50
Attack 15
Attack speed 2
Health 150
Attack 50
Attack speed 2
Health 500
Monsters do not have the mechanics of rebirth, and do not have the mechanics of aggression,
they also do not know how to restore health, and their movement speed is equal to 50% of the character's movement speed.
Eternal 3d World
Level 1 Monsters
Level 2 Monsters
Level 3 Monsters
Attack 10
Attack Speed 1
Healths 100
The game can only end in two cases,
the first when you run out of health, the second case when you defeat all the monsters.
The Eternal Game Ecosystem
Everyone has the opportunity to claim NFT Samurai
After receiving the Character, you can go to one of the worlds of Eternal 3d to fight monsters.
After killing the monster, the Samurai will receive a reward in the form of tokens,
which he can spend on improving his characteristics or exchange them for BNB.
1 token drops from a Level 1 Monster
2 tokens drop from a Level 2 Monster
5 tokens drop from a Level 3 Monster
The number of monsters on the map is determined randomly and it is approximately equal to:
~ 8 (Level 1 Monster)
~ 7 (Level 2 Monster)
~ 6 (Level 3 Monster)
To kill a Level 2 and 3 Monster, a Samurai needs to improve his characteristics, since he may lack basic values.
1 token can improve only one basic characteristic.
Attack (+0.1) max +90
Attack speed (-0.01) maximum -0.5
Health 100 (+1) max +400
It will be possible to exchange Eternal 3d tokens for BNB only after listing on Pancakeswap.
Name - Eternal 3D
Network - BSC
Total supply - 1 000 000 token
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3% burn
4% marketing

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3% burn
4% marketing
All tokens will be filled in full on Pancakeswap
Everyone will be on an equal footing
Antibot system
Everyone who uses the bot to buy get ready to say goodbye to your BNB, they will be divided among all holders.
Listing - 1 000 000 token
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Eternal 3d Game